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spiritimmortal asked: Emile, white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or honey? :3

I will actually take all BUT the honey….

I never got use to the taste of honey… I mean… i forgot what it tasted like, but i had a bad memory with it >A>

but thanks for the ask! (。owo)ノ

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Talk about art and stuff Tuesday


I feel like answering a few asks…. 

So ask away my friends! :3 

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Anonymous asked: Could you draw Jazan and Garin protecting Jacques(maybe at age 13 or 14) from a bully and then comforting him?



A kind of plot twist that no one saw coming. But yeah, they still comforted him none the less. Besides, those bully’s are still jerks. 

Other than that, thank you for stopping by Anon! (*´・v・)ノ~♫

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I’m Isabel! I decided right now to get a neopets blog started. I played a long time ago and then started a new account this year. The username is mountainwitch! Idk how active I’ll be but I’d like to be pretty active! If you want to know my main tumblr url just message me and I’ll probably tell you even if we don’t know each other well haha.

Irl my interests are nature, meditation, art, weightlifting/bodybuilding, cats, drone and doom metal.

And of COURSE i love to eat big breakfasts, battle, and maintain balance. duh.image

Hello hello~ My name is t3f3r (pronounced ‘tea’ and ‘fer’) and I like to give out warm welcomes!

 Nice of you to join the neotag~! C:

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Mutant boyfriends are sometimes- No… are ALWAYS dorks. 

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What I did for my second half of the stream. This part was mostly doodles but hey, I love em and so did the people that watched my stream too >W<~♥

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New customization that I was working on since yesterday… yeah. I haven’t drawn a Bruce in a long time. >A>”’

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whats the surprise…. i totally forgot.jpg

No seriously, I wanted to draw a thing with this part…. But I totally forgot what to draw…

But meh, whatever, I like the body language I drew out for these two pirate dorks. So random doodle is random. *shrug* ɿ(。・ɜ・)ɾ

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"What do ya mean ‘too injured’? I’m always up for another adventure!"

Says Garin always… This is the first part of my stream stuff VwV

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Some modern day witches… or also known as Casual!Neo with Sophie and Rasala.

But man, why are these cute clothes so expensive ; v ;