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"We could ditch this lame party and go to my place instead-"

"I’d rather not…."

I wanted to draw modern day witches again, (and more expensive clothes) so I drew Casual!Neo with Tarla and Sophie the swamp witch…

Just pretend that they are at some Modern-day witches meetup or something… 

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sold-my-soul-for-cake asked: that moment when you want to draw nabile but can't because of college level bio courses


You definitely need some Coco drink friend…. and a 1,000 year vacation too…

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A comic about me….

5 Minutes later….

A bad habit that I can’t seem to break out of…. ; A ;

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Anonymous asked: Nabile's queen fashion looks amazing, great choices!

Aw, Thank you so much~ I’m glad you like em! (。´∀`)ノ~♥

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Anonymous asked: OMG, Darigan and Kass as Sally's daddies is such a cute idea :)

GAH, thank you so much for thinking so! Thanks a bunch! \(>W<)/~♫

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spiritimmortal asked: Aww, look at that cutie patootie! *gives all the tigersquash rolls!* It's okay, your new friend will show you around ♥


I think he likes that a lot actually~ Cx

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More random stuff with Emile Stäg. A quick pic of him, and also a few random doodles on the side. Yeah… that’s it. Other than that, he looks like a pretty cool Christmas Ixi too….owo

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spiritimmortal asked: I knew he'd like it ^^ Hopefully it's not redundant, as christmas ixis have a full pair xD And thanks again for the food! ♥ (PS, those antlers were from Feanor ;) )

Ah, no problem at all friend~♫ (and also Feanor is such a sweety for doing that too~ C:)

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He actually loves the gift! xD Thanks so much friend~ *hugs*

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Aha! So here are a few new clothing suggestions I have for Nabile! (And of course I drew her old outfits in chibi form)

I have her sleep wear/early morning gown, her midnight run outfit (cause I mean,as much as i love her ‘rags’ in the comic… this one definitely makes her runs much more better and well hidden at night). And lastly her Royal Meeting attire… Because why not? (Also i like to think that black, red, or white is like a powerful symbol in Qasala). Anyway… enjoy folks (i’ll draw some more later~♫ >W<).